28 September 2007

Spellcheck: Oracle of Truth?

Another something off-track for a Friday evening. Try this:

1. Open Microsoft Word.
2. Type the following letters: lsu
3. Hit 'return', and wait for it to underline "lsu" as a mis-spelled word.
4. Go to 'Tools / Spelling and Grammar" and start spellcheck.
5. For "lsu", the first two suggestions are "lust" and "lush".

Which pretty much describes my first semester in Baton Rouge. Hell, that pretty much describes anybody's first semester in Baton Rouge.

Word also suggested “lose”, "slug" and "slum", too. It's like it knows the place!

For "usc", Word suggested "suck", "musk", and "tusk". Trojans? Say no more.

For "ut", "put" and "out" were among the suggestions. Oh, my. Using the thesaurus function for "ut", Word suggested "hillbillies who actually think orange is fashionable". No, no, no. Not really. That was just a shameless ploy to get Glenn Reynolds to give me a link. Shameless.

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