23 September 2007

Standing Firm, In Person.

With The Episcopal Church (tm) House of Bishops meeting in New Orleans right now, our church had Bishop Gary Lillibridge, from the Diocese of West Texas, as guest preacher this morning. He gave a very enjoyable homily, and it was quite an honor to serve the altar with the Bishop. But an equal honor was in meeting the incomparable Sarah Hey, one of the prinicpal writers of Stand Firm. Sarah worshipped with us this morning as she was scheduled to interview Fr. Ernie Saik about our church's efforts right after Katrina. Fr. Saik was not able to be there because of a medical emergency (please pray for him), but Sarah did interview one of the evacuees who stayed with us (he and his family are members of the church now). Look for her interview to be posted on Stand Firm soon. A very gracious lady, Sarah is.

For those who do not know, Stand Firm is one of the premier orthodox Episcopalian/Anglican websites on the 'Net, and is doing an excellent job covering the Bishops meeting in the Crescent City. Stand Firm is much hated and despised by the "progressive" wing of The Episcopal Church (tm), which is strange since they (the progressives) are always lecturing everyone else about not hating and despising.

If you still believe God is the one who defines His relationship with us, and that His Word means what it says, you should be reading Stand Firm. However, if you believe We are the ones who define our relationship with God, and that His Word means whatever 51 percent of General Convention says it means, go here. Or here.

Please pray for the House of Bishops as they continue to meet this week.

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