07 January 2010

Another Massachusetts Miracle?

We used to live in Boston, and I remember when a Republican was a viable US Senate candidate if they got 25% of the vote. But with no Kennedy in the race, and Bay State voters growing sick of 'RomneyCare' - their version of ObanaCare complete with individual mandates, fines, public options and spiraling costs - this race is getting veeeery interesting. The GOP candidate, State Senator Scott Brown, has closed the gap with the Democrat candidate to single digits, and is now hotter than a Nigerian's crotch on final approach to Detroit.

Can Brown win? A tossup. But in order to make the point he doesn't have to. If an anti-Team Hopenchange Republican candidate can do this well in uber-blue state Massachusetts, where they've already seen the fruits of ObamaCare, what does this say about what will happen in November in fly-over country if ObamaCare passes? At a minimum, a Brown almost win should slow ObamaCare's pace in Congress, hopefully to die alone in a cloak room in a few months, or cause enough Dems in the house and Senate to change their votes and kill it outright. And if he wins? Well...

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