05 January 2010

The System Works. (UPDATED)

Michael Yon, this generation's Ernie Pyle, says he was detained at the Seattle airport for... failing to disclose his income.

Good 'effing grief. Isn't this the same bunch that missed a Nigerian jihadi trying to blow a hole in a plane - and splatter passengers with bits of his scrotum in the process - but now they arrest a US Citizen trying to get into his own country???

What, by the Gods, does Mr. Yon's income have to do with national security? The correct answer is, of course, not a damn thing.

I'm going to be flying in a few weeks, and if you think I feel safe and secure in the knowledge that Homeland Security has got my back, you're wrong. I dread the long lines, the annoying checks and rechecks, and the rude, lethargic, and pushy TSA gate guards who are only half gazing at the x-ray readout. They couldn't give a rat's ass about me or my safety.

As far as I am concerned, we should scrap TSA entirely. Let 'em all go back to whatever fast-food restaurants they came from. At least there we got something out of them for our money.

UPDATE: More here.

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