17 February 2010

I'm On CNN! I'm Famous!

OK, sort of. A little. I'm on some kind of CNN 'iReport" video showing our ride last Friday. And only for a few seconds. Around 3:14-19 I'm on the horse on the left. My brother, The Grey Man, is on the horse on the right.

And just to show why you shouldn't trust The Left/Mainstream Media for, well, pretty much anything - they couldn't even get the parade name right. We're Krewe of Hermes. Krewe d'Etat rode later.

Technical Note: I did embed the video from CNN, but it kept freezing and crashing my blog when I tried to post / edit other items. So it's now just a link. Geez.

UPDATE: Oh, no! Opinionated Catholic reveals my fiendish, costumed plan. Marvel at your ermine-trimmed, Tea Party overlords! You betcha!


The Grey Man said...

Krewe d'Etat

Anonymous said...

Hey Cliff! I hate to burst your bubble but CNN's viewship has slipped below 100,000. I'm thinking it is because of mistakes such incorrectly naming the parade but I know some people who think it might be because they sold their souls to the Obama administration. I tell you there are so many conspiracy theories out there. :P

Anonymous said...

Note to self - hit preview. That would be viewership