07 February 2010

Speaking Truth To Conspiracy.

I have never given much credence to WorldNetDaily as an information source, and this is the reason why. While I gigged Andrew Brietbart about his defense of James O'Keefe in New Orleans, in this case he is spot on. The 'Birther" issue is not a winning issue, and for exactly the reasons Brietbart gives. Read it all.

The "Birthers" and 9/11 "Truthers" have become the conservative equivalent of Global Warning alarmists on the Left. Like the AGW zealots, the conclusion is always more important than the evidence - or lack thereof. They have an absolutist belief in their conclusion, and admit only data, no matter how unsubstantiated, circumstantial, or bizarre, that supports - but never conclusively proves - their point. Any contradictory evidence or questions are either ignored or dismissed, and the motivations and intellect of those who raise them are attacked as heretics. And the less evidence there is to support their claim, the more it proves that some sort of conspiracy must be at work.

As I have said before, the Tea Party Movement has plenty of winning issues that are resonating with the American people. We need to stick to them. Mainstream America is beginning to see the Tea Party Movement something serious they can get behind, and pushing unsubstantiated fringe issues as equal to our other priorities will drive them away. 2010 is ours to lose. Wrapping our positive message in the rantings of cranks and conspiracy theorists is a sure way to do just that.

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