01 February 2010

Walk Like An Egyptian.

The Most Reverend Dr. Mouneer H. Anis, the The Anglican Archbishop of Egypt, Jerusalem, and the Middle East, has had quite enough of the antics from that small but very wealthy minority in the Anglican Communion - The Episcopal Church (tm) and their fellow travelers. Yes, dear readers, this is big.

And in a related note: Queen to (Arch)Bishop Three.

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Anonymous said...

One has to wonder how much more fracturing of the Anglican Communion has to take place before the Queen insists that ++Rowan Williams resign. Whatever he has tried to do to keep as much of the Communion together as possible, he has totally failed at it!

Then again, as more and more of the Primates kiss ++Rowan et al goodbye, the opportunity will arise to make the Anglican Communion a truely global Church with global leadership.
That is something I would gladly welcome.