08 February 2010

Yet Another Reason We Don't Live In Massachusetts Anymore.

Right here.

Geez Louise. We lived in Newton, Massachusetts, for 7 years with not one, but two, "military style assault rifles" and becoup "high-capacity magazines". Several shotguns and .22s were also in our possession. And...

...no one ever got hurt.

Yes, I had my FID (Firearms Identification Card) and all the weapons were registered per Massachusetts Law. But even without all that, no one would have been hurt by our weapons - unless they tried to hurt one of us. You stood more of a chance of being injured by a Green Line T than by me with my green Steyr AUG.

Hattip: The Shoulder Thing That Goes Up via Gun Pundit.

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BillB said...

OH, MY, GAWD!! What a criminal. A person with guns is a murder not yet commited. Now I know even better why it is referred to as the Peoples Democratic Republic of Massachusettes. From the comments to the article, with that many crackpots in such a small space, I am suprised that they haven't jailed the majority of the sheeple.

A proud gun ownin' Texan with hat and cattle.