18 February 2010

Breaking: Sir Elton John Becomes Episcopalian.

OK, not really. But he's got the theology for it.


SJ Reidhead said...

As an Episcopalian, I find your comment in very bad taste. No, I am not happy about what is going on in my church, but I am not leaving. If we still had churches who decided to mind meld with the Anglican dioceses out of Africa, maybe we could have defeated some of this mess.

I dislike the Anglican split so much, if I must leave the Episcopal church, I will go Catholic.

The Pink Flamingo

.....CLIFFORD said...


If you found the comment in bad taste, it was supposed to be. The Episcopal Church (tm), to which I also still belong, has become a parody of itself, obsessed with a single goal no matter what the cost. And in furtherance of that, it now expouses a where-the-wind-blows pop theology coupled with a me-first, end-justifies-the-means, value system.