09 April 2011

From Eternity To Here.

Instapundit pointed out this book today Losing Our Religion: The Liberal Media's Attack on Christianity. The assault on Christianity by The Left / Mainstream Media from outside is nothing new, and not the biggest reason we are losing our religion. The biggest reason is the assault on Christianity by those inside our churches. Can you say "Kate Schori" and "John Spong" boys and girls? I knew you could.


TLF+ said...

Yeah, the healthy church busts through the gates of hell. But "strike the shepherd and the sheep will be scattered." The devil is no fool - corrupting the church leadership is way more effective than external mockery.

The Grey Man said...

When the words no longer mean what they say, and the leaders decide that the words REALLY mean whatever agenda will increase the leaders' authority, you no longer have a religion, but a social club with cassocks and gaiters.

Just Me said...

It really has turned into some weird book club, hasn't it?