27 April 2011

OK, Can We PLEASE Move Onto The Important Things Now?

Here is Barack Obama's birth certificate.

There are a LOT of failings of our current President that point to his lack of fitness for the job. His place of birth has never been one of them. The 'Birther' issue has distracted us from highlighting the real problems before this nation. It has given attention to a malignant fringe strata in our body politic, and in so doing has handed our opponents an issue with which to poison Independents against those of us who argue for fiscal sanity and limited government. Because of 'Birthers', our ability to convince the critical middle to align with our point of view is now that that much harder.

The 'Birthers' should, if they have any honor - and any understanding of politics beyond a high-school civics class level - admit they were wrong and then STFU. But if I know them, they won't.

UPDATE: Well, that didn't take long.


Just Me said...

I know I'll be able to sleep better tonight. All is well in the world once again.

Tregonsee said...

Unlike Truthers, there are a few rational Birthers. At least one, from personal experience, who is fully satisfied. His only question, and mine though I was never a Birther, is why they waited so long. There have been several court cases, all dismissed due to lack of standing, which cost the Democrats upwards of $2m. It is hard to figure the cost/benefit of not releasing this.