07 April 2011

ObamaCare Hope vs. ObamaCare Change.

If you really believed a government take-over of health care was going to make it simpler and more efficient, you are an idiot. I'm sorry, but there is no easier way to put it. And you deserve a future standing for hours in a crowded waiting room for someone to deliver unto you your "right" to "affordable, quality" health-care.

Every other government-run, socialized health care scheme ever tried by man has turned into a bloated, bureaucratic program that protects itself first and the patient second. ObamaCare is turning out to be just more of the same. I am 52, and I do not want some government bureaucrat making decisions about my life based on what the government can afford anymore than I want an insurance clerk doing the same based on the company's profit margin.

ObamaCare needs to be completely scrapped. We need to return patient choice to, well, the patients.

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