07 April 2011

A Word From The Management.

We at RSR always appreciate hearing from our readers, either in the comments or by email. Yes, even the ones who suggest we perform some anatomically difficult exercises with a 2x4. That said, know this: If we are interested in something you have to say enough to post on it, we will either 1) link to it, or 2) post your comments directly.

We DO NOT utilize guest bloggers, nor will we post solicited articles.

So please, please quit asking or sending us your screeds on (fill in the blank) that you are convinced the blogworld must see. If they're that important to the future of this nation/planet/Ron Paul, get your own damn blog. Leave our inbox alone.

Thank you.

1 comment:

The Grey Man said...

One correction and one suggestion.

1) Shouldn't it be "UNsolicited" articles?

2) All screeds should be turned over to Red Stick Daughter for the much needed corrections (paragraphs, punctuation, syntax) and returned to owner. Or just let her friends laugh at them.

PS. I support Ron for President. Ron Weasly.