24 April 2011

Is This What We Have Come To????...

I hate to post something like this, but it must be seen. MUST. A woman, who turns out is transgendered, is savagely beaten - enough to cause seizures - and appears to have chunks of her hair ripped out while the employees in a suburban Baltimore McDonald's mostly stand by and laugh. Several even tell the two women who beat the third to leave quick because the police are on the way. The store manager made a half-hearted attempt to break it up but only one person - a middle aged lady - tried to actively intervene, and got punched in the process.

The inhuman savagery, violence, and lack of restraint is stunning, as is the idea that those teenagers thought such was appropriate for whatever the third had done. Equally stunning is the inhuman reaction to those who who witnessed the event, who seemed more interested in having something for their Facebook page than having any compassion for the victim.

UPDATE: Much more here. This is being considered a "hate crime". While I don't believe "hate" is a crime, if there ever was an example of a "hate crime", this is it.

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Anonymous said...

"A woman, who turns out is transgendered"

This has been the narrative from the beginning. Another perspective is "two women, who happened to be black, beat up a male transvestite who they discovered in the ladies restroom at a public restaurant", which is something I would seriously be tempted to do if one of the ladies involved was under my protection at the time. No hate required.

It may be harder than it looks to pick out the victim here, everyone having such great discrimination credibility and all. It is interesting that there seems to be no mention of an extended hospital stay for the "transgendered female" involved, suggesting that uh, it's injuries may have been exaggerated a little.

Also the "transgendered female" was wearing a wig. That wasn't uh, it's real hair.

(the act of choosing sexually appropriate pronouns has gotten so much more difficult since "gender" became physical instead of grammatical)

Not to excuse anybody, but everyone involved has a previous rap sheet.

I'm just gonna make popcorn and wait to see who the media crowns as the victim victor. Or Victoria. Whatever.