17 April 2011

The Grapes Of Spong.

This being Palm Sunday, I think it's a good time to note the progress the Liberal wing of Anglicanism has achieved in the UK:

One Rev. Dr Giles Fraser thinks all that "whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life" is a bunch of hooey. So, Giles... what's the point?

The parish of Holy Trinity / St. Mary's, Guildford, apparently gets in touch with their inner Himmler, posting this bit of inclusive indaba dhimmitude on their website:

Some are saying the site was hacked, and have alerted the parish. Yet, the cartoon remains...

An electrician in the UK is facing the sack for displaying a palm-frond Cross on his dashboard. That's where mine is today. I thank my lucky stars (and stripes) that I don't live in the UK today.

Hattip to The MCJ.

UPDATE: In a related note, the grapes of "diversity": The 12th-Century Boys practice some interfaith dialogue and religion-of-peace cultural understanding in London. I don't know if Rowan Williams would approve, but I know he sure as hell won't protest.

UPDATE 18APR11: Well that didn't take long - the cartoon is gone. But have no fear, dear readers, there is something called "screenshot", and I have one. In case they want to get all Orwellian on us.

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