03 December 2007

The Episcopal Church Welcomes You. If You Agree With Us, That Is.

This reasoned, understanding, inclusive, and utterly non-judgemental missive actually appears at Episcopal Life Online:

SOUTHWEST FLORIDA: Retired bishop announces plans to become Roman Catholic

By Karen T. Morgan • Colton, New York, Dec 03, 2007

I am totally, completely hurt, disturbed, have feelings of betrayal and abandonment by Dan Herzog, former bishop of the Diocese of Albany. He led this diocese down the path of glory and then totally abandoned them! I did not totally agree with his thinking...thinking which made the decision for him to return to the Roman Catholic Church. The Episcopal Church is traditionally a church of acceptance...even though we have had some imports from other denominations who have/are trying to turn us into what they believe and come from. My thought is: Go back to your narrow-minded, non-accepting, un-Christ-like thinking/attitudes and leave us Episcopalians alone to think and believe as Christ did, not judging, but accepting all who believe in Him!

Dan Herzog could not accept this way of thinking and believing, that is why he gave up the position of bishop, priest, clergy and became an ordinary person in the church. He went back to the Roman Catholic Church because that church does not accept and believe that all people who believe in Christ are precious in his sight and that God loves all people no matter who they are, and that all people are created in God's image.

How Accepting. How Inclusive. How...... Episcopalian.

To my Roman Catholic Friends: If you want to respond, you may reach the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church (tm), here. UPDATE: And feel free to ask her about this little comparative analysis she gave about what separates us from your church.

Hattip: Chris Johnson.

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Ontario Emperor said...

With the popularity of this post on Google, I wanted to see if Morgan's original "the Episcopal Church welcomes you" letter was still available online. I found it here (scroll toward the bottom).

This happens to be a collection of all letters for the month of December 2007. For more examples of the Episcopal Church welcomes you, see

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