21 December 2007

We Want You To Vote Until It Comes Out Our Way.

The New Orleans City Council voted unanimously yesterday to demolish the dilapidated housing projects that are causing so much controversy.

The "protesters", however, vow to continue. Why? Do the poor, who will have to wait even longer to get decent housing because their antics, matter a damn to these people? I guess not.

And Ray Nagin says that HUD must still apply for permits. I don't think that's true. HUD is a Federal Agency, and as such does not need local regulatory approval. (I think they are going through this on HANO projects to allow more local input, but I could be wrong.) Besides, Two of the four have already been submitted to Safety & Permits, but they are dragging their feet (once returning them because every drawing sheet was not "wet-stamped", signed, and dated by the Design Professionals).

And Episcopal Bishop Charles Jenkins, predictably, is in spin mode. More spin here, where he included this bit of classic Episcopal Church (tm) Newsspeak:

"I have come to think that the theological virtue of love is the basis for the baptismal covenant question which asks: “will you strive for justice and peace among all people, and respect the dignity of every human being?".

Which is, as we now know, the only legitimate theological justification for doing anything (and everything!) in The Episcopal Church (tm) nowadays.

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