16 December 2007

Mythbusters And Mythbelievers.

The New Orleans Sunday Times-Picayune today has a Page One article on the HANO housing “crisis”, pretty much reiterating what I said earlier (here and here) about this – a fact-challenged "opposition" has basically contrived an issue where none existed prior. From the article:

”…a claim that has gained traction in Washington and the national media moved beyond perception and into the realm of demonstrable falsehood: that displaced public housing residents have no place to live.” (emphasis mine)

The article is long but well worth the read. It is a classic example of how a debate can be driven by perception and fear instead of facts.

And look who is buying into that “demonstrable falsehood” – none other than the Episcopal Bishop of Louisiana, Charles Jenkins. Two days before the TP article debunking the opposition, this was sent out by the Diocese. Why Bishop Jenkins, who has proven himself to the consummate fence-sitter on things like, oh, defending the Faith, should throw his weight and that of the diocese behind the HANO “opposition”, is beyond me. I wish he would be this demonstrative and decisive about opposing the “prophetic gift” being imposed on the Anglican Communion by The Episcopal Church ™. But I’m sure he has pleased 815 Second Avenue with his stand.

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