22 December 2007

'Tis The (Political) Season.

We at Red Stick Rant have had enough of this demolition controversy. It's so un-Christmas. So let's switch gears a bit, dear readers, and look out on the national political landscape for some Holiday cheer:

Fred Thompson’s Christmas message. My. Thoughts. Exactly.

Compare it to Hillary’s “I’m-bringing-presents” message. For extra points, guess who’s money Hillary will be using to buy all those “presents” she’s got for you. (Hint: look in your wallet.) And, dare I ask (dare! dare!) - where’s Bill?

Here's Obama's entry. Calm, traditional, upbeat. Pegs on the cute kids scale, too. No wonder Hillary is scared.

Rudy weighs in. Complete with sweater vest, and lame fruit cake joke.

Mike Huckabee's is here. Or, maybe not.

Ron Paul’s message. Family, carols, grandma cooking, trimming the tree; it’s darn near Republican. And just in time for the Holidays, the Paulists got themselves a blimp. (It must be a Ron Paul blimp – it hasn’t been down to earth in years. [rimshot!]) It’s got a catchy Ron Paul = John Galt slogan that will really energize the .00001% of the electorate who get all excited about such things.

And so, from all of us at RSR: May each and every one of you have a Blessed Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, and a Propserous New Year!

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