06 December 2007

Using A Tradgedy.

A distraught teenager goes on a shooting spree at a shopping mall. Again. And the press goes on a "usual suspects" spree. Again. From this FoxNews report:

"A teenage gunman carried his AK-47 into a Nebraska department store..."

But later in the story, we have this:

"She told the Omaha World-Herald that the night before the shooting, Hawkins and her sons showed her an SKS semiautomatic Russian military rifle — the same type used in the shooting."

OK. This is an AK-47:

It is about weighs about 7 pounds and is 36 inches long. It uses a replaceable 30-round magazine. The military version is fully automatic (multiple rounds are fired when you pull the trigger), the civilian version is self-loading only (one round fired for each pull of the trigger). The AK-47 is the primo-scary looking "assault weapon" of the anti-gun crowd.

This, is an SKS:

It is about 9 pounds, 40 plus inches long, and has a fixed 10-round magazine. It is self-loading only. It is similar to the WWII US M-1 Carbine; just bigger, heavier, and not so scary looking. IT IS NOT AN AK-47. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME.

This tragedy will be no doubt be used by the anti-gun lobby to try and prove their point. And reports like the one mentioned above this only reinforce their propaganda. Either the reporter is ignorant on the subject on which they are writing - and has never heard of Google - or has an agenda. You decide.

Instead of disarming citizens, why not let law-abiding citizens protect themselves? What would have been the outcome if, after the first shot, someone with a CCW permit had shot this killer dead? Think about it.

(Images from: world.guns.ru)

UPDATE: If this was the typical response to someone trying to turn a mall, or a college campus, or a downtown street into a shooting gallery, I don't think it would happen too often. The people who commit these sorts of things are, by nature, cowards - they want to be seen as powerful and important, so they strike targets because they are vulnerable. If they thought their targets had the same power they did, and they wouldn't make it past the first shot or two.....
They have a name for that concept: it's called deterrence.


Anonymous said...

The press would call a .22 Lever Action a fully automatic "AK-47". So much for fact checking.

Matthew said...

How dare you introduce logic into a second amendment debate! Safe and effective laws will only be enacted after the public is moved in a fit of mass panic. Only after all the nasty guns are taken away from the citizenry and are restricted to careerists (police, soldiers, criminals etc) will we all be able to sleep at night. If you don't believe me, just ask the Brady Campaign. They're a non-profit, so they would never ever lie.