19 December 2007

Oh Little State Of Louzzi-ann.......

Well, dear readers, tis the season, which means we need to make a list and..... well, you know. So we submit for your consideration a few holiday gift suggestions for this year's most memorable Louisianans:

Bobby Jindal: Time. I suggest we all give him some - he's gonna need it.

Kathleen Blanco: A Road Home (D'oh!). Or if the wait for that is too long, might I suggest a German steel mill - though the wait for that may be even longer...

William Jefferson: A new freezer. Go with a chest-type; he doesn't do upright.

FEMA: This is a tricky one, as I don’t know how one would wrap eternal damnation. Is a bow involved?

The Legislature: Lumps of coal. Not for anything specific, just for aspiring to be Legislators.

Ray Nagin: A 'Get Out Of Voting Free' card. Or, an 'I "heart" Dallas' bumper sticker.

David Vitter: Some Vaseline and an imagination.

Oliver Thomas: Ditto, Vitter.

Robert Cerasoli: A budget. Some Post-it notes and a few filing cabinets would also be appreciated.

Walter Boasso: Some ‘Tide™’ and a hose.

Foster Campbell: Who?

John Georges: A plan to recycle all of those unused copies of the ‘Georges Plan’.

LSU Coach Les Miles: A free Louisiana driver's license renewal; good for one year.

Brittany Spears: Underwear.

Mary Landrieu: A signed picture of herself with Hillary Clinton.

John Kennedy: A signed picture of Mary Landrieu with Hillary Clinton.

Charles Foti: A copy of 'Trial Law for Dummies'.

The Ethics Board: Some ethics.

Buddy Caldwell and Royal Alexander: Less mud.

And last - Alabama Coach Nick Saban: A chance to play the Bunkie Pre-K 'Disobedient Ponies' - about the only Louisiana school the 'Crimson Tide’ has a 50/50 shot at beating.

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Naked Emperor said...

And for those of us in God's/Thor's/Loki's/Ra's/Hera's country, we now have ANOTHER Spears putting the HO in Tangipahoa.