03 December 2007

What Happened to "Make Levees, Not War"?

C. B. Forgotston questions the motives and sincerity of those opposing the demolition of the dilapidated HANO housing projects to make way for new, more livable units. The opponents are threatening a "war" if they don't get their way.

Our office has been directly involved with these (and other) HANO projects for well over a year, and C.B. hits the nail on the head:

"Note the reference to “our homes.” These are publicly-owned and taxpayer-subsidized apartment buildings.

Obviously, the threatened war is not over needed housing in New Orleans. There are hundreds of apartments currently available in other existing housing projects. The housing authority cannot get people who need housing to move into them.


It’s not because the available apartments are run-down. They have just been refurbished since Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

It’s not because the available apartments aren’t in New Orleans.

It’s because the apartments are not in the exact same neighborhood as the apartments in which the renters lived."

Forgotston is right. HANO currently has numerous living spaces available, and has had for some time. I do not think housing is the issue here. Entitlement is.

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