01 December 2007

Future Real Estate Opportunity At Prime Second Avenue Location. Recently Renovated.

This past week, the Powers-That-Be in The Episcopal Church (tm) issued a report on the state of our dying church, which included the following as one of the church's six "Areas of Encouragement":

"Recently completed renovations to the Episcopal Church Center at 815 Second Avenue in New York City have made that workplace more efficient and safer for our employees, while creating a positive and more attractive atmosphere for the whole church."

When something like this is an "Areas of Encouragement" for the future of your church, (and one of only six) you would be right to suspect that the state of the church is not good. And when you read vacuous bureaucratic phrases like "Conflict and change can create opportunity", "...we need a plan for action at all of our organizational levels"..., "...articulate and renew these leadership trajectories...", your suspicions are pretty well confirmed. As are your suspicions that that the Church leadership hasn't a clue about what to do to improve things.

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