05 June 2008

Bad Habits.

Since coming back from my trip to New England I have been rather remiss in making regular postings. Which leaves you, dear readers, with nothing new to look at when you drop by. My apologies.

Since returning I have had a mountain of work to do, and a lot of tasks on the homefront. Which means my focus and my time has been elsewhere, and I've gotten out of the habit of regular posting. Most of my tasks are now done, which means I have more time in the day/evening/dark-of-night to spend with RSR.

I have started, but haven't finished, several posts on my sojourn to Boston and environs, and will try to get some of them up soon. I know some of you are waiting for them.

So don't despair, dear readers, I'm back on the Net... I think.

UPDATE At lunch today, one of my regular readers asked when my Boston posts will be up. OK, OK. First one's coming in a bit.

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