02 June 2008

Today's Episcopal Church (tm) Theology, Put To Music.

I think I've found it:

Matthew will find a better one, of course. But I don't mind. I strongly suspect he has a basement full of nerds, chained to computers, who do nothing but wander YouTube 24/7 looking for all of those cool videos he posts. It's the only explanation.

UPDATE: Matthew and his basement full of chained minions did indeed find a better one. Though, I think it is more suited for the Scottish Episcopal Church..... (Oh, dear. That was a baaaaaaaaaad joke. I should be sheared for it, don't ewe think?)

UPDATE Welcome Stand Firm readers! And to those who will accuse me of anti-Scots bias for my little sheep joke, don't. I'm of Scots descent. Been there twice, even. I eat haggis, I love the sound of bagpipes, and the notion of going commando while wearing a scratchy wool skirt is, to me, the very definition of manliness.


mousestalker said...

I couldn't find a better one. That one is pretty apt. So I found a louder one.


Anonymous said...

The sheep one was quite good actually. However, it suffers from the inability of upper class elite to sympathize with sheep and the whole agricultural paradigm. Now, had it been puppies, say, or baby whales or cute little owls or seals...........

So,the highway song, gets my vote. The "with it" crowd can get the metaphor there since they ride the highways and fly the skies to bemoan global warming whilst using sporks to salve their consciences (such as remain).

You win!!!!


Zana said...

I think I need to cast my vote for Talking Heads as well - I think it paints quite a broad stroke (spork?) as an indication of the current direction of TEc. 8-)