31 January 2009

And You Were Expecting Anything Else?

In the middle this article about the nasty ice storm that battered Kentucky:
In Kentucky's Grayson County, about 80 miles southwest of Louisville, Emergency Management Director Randell Smith said the 25 National Guardsmen who have responded have no chain saws to clear fallen trees. He said roads are littered with fallen trees and people shivering in bone-chilling cold are in need.

"We've got people out in some areas we haven't even visited yet," Smith said. "We don't even know that they're alive."

Smith said FEMA was still a no-show days after the storm.
It seems FEMA is acting true to form once again. To paraphrase an English king... won't someone rid us of this meddlesome organization?


Ontario Emperor said...

Thank you for inspiring me to educate myself. I had thought that particular saying was from Scotland, but I was wrong.

Tregonsee said...

Clearly, if we are consistent and use the standards of yesterday year, we can only conclude that President Obama is uncaring, and particularly that he hate white people. If we are being consistent, that is.