15 June 2009

Because I Look Awful In Tinfoil Hats.

Via Glenn Reynolds, the American Spectator is asking what's next for those supporting Tea Party movement. With July 4th coming up that's a good question. All I can say is, becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of these folks is not the way forward.

UPDATE: Googling around today, it appears some Ron Paul disciples formed their own "non-partisan" Louisiana Tea Party about 10 days ago. Like Ron Paul's Campaign for Liberty, things like this and this seem to be their focus. Anti-Republican and anti-Democrat, yes; but hardly non-partisan. Sad thing is, I support many of the things these kids and Ron Paul do - smaller Federal government, return to a balance between the States and the Federal government, a return to a powerful Bill of Rights, government living within it's means, etc. - I believe we need them to counteract inept government, not some dark, sinister New World Order conspiracy that is at work in the world.

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