16 June 2009

Iran Update. (UPDATED)

From Flicker:

(When those headscarves start to disappear, the mullahs should start packing their bags. -ed.)

Seen at Twitter #iranelection: "140 characters is a novel when you are being shot at."

Some images of student dorms after a police raid.

Robert Fisk may actually redeem himself. For the time being, that is.


Iranian government Photoshopping. Are they that worried?

Will Collier says it's 1979 all over again with respect to Iran. When the headscarves disappear (see the image above), I'll believe it. I do have "My Sharona" queued on the iPod, though, just in case.

More from the BBC.

This guy should get a bloody award. Original New York Times story is here. The point:
The request, made to a Twitter co-founder, Jack Dorsey, is yet another new-media milestone: the recognition by the United States government that an Internet blogging service that did not exist four years ago has the potential to change history in an ancient Islamic country.
(emphasis mine)

Indeed. Double "indeed."

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