02 June 2009

Tramps Like Us, Baby We Were Born To Run. Not Putter...

Like Chrysler before it, Team Hopenchange has now taken over GM completely, and folks on the Web are waxing nostalgic for their youthful GM loves.

The days of American cars matching the American spirit are over, dear readers, and the future offerings of GM and Chrysler will be what our compassionate, sensitive betters think we should drive. So like the Cubans before us, if you want a decent American car anymore you will have to keep an old classic running. (If anyone has a '73 Pontiac Firebird for sale, let me know. 455 V8. Must not get more than 15 miles to the gallon.)

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Anonymous said...

Take this to the (nationalized)bank: I'm not buying any Obama-motor cars: that means GM and Chrysler are off limits in this household.

Capt Deacon Warren