14 June 2009

Governing with Scissors.

Political "reform," Louisiana-style:
Adding a new layer of policy and political intrigue to the ebbing legislative session, Senate President Joel Chaisson II has invoked a rare procedural move to delay delivery of the budget to Gov. Bobby Jindal, effectively ensuring that lawmakers cannot consider overriding any gubernatorial vetoes of spending items.

The tactic, which pits Chaisson against House Speaker Jim Tucker, intensifies House-Senate tensions as the two chambers continue to haggle over cuts to higher education and health care while trying to find money for legislators' favored projects.
If we are going to use the State Capitol as we have in the past - to house immature, spoiled brats and incurable blowhards - the least we could do is put a fence around it and toss some Playskool equipment out back to keep them busy.

And take away all the sharp objects, too - they could hurt someone.

Like, us taxpayers.

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