14 June 2009

You Want These People To Control Your Health Care?

It appears Team Hopenchange just mortgaged our future, our grandchildren's future, and our great-grandchildren's future... on a guess. A "wrong guess".

And it wasn't "everyone," Joe. Just you and your buddies.


Anonymous said...

I live in Canada. The government doesn't control my health care. I go to my doctor. My doctor, not the government, decides what treatment I need, and he bills the government on a fee for service basis. I'd rather have that than insurance bureaucrats controlling my health care.

.....CLIFFORD said...


I respectfully disagree. If the government is the sole provider of health care, then they do ultimately control your health care. You have no option; no choice. If you have no other option then there is no competition, and the government can ration services - such heart bypasses - based not on patient need but on their budget needs or their determination of the "value" of providing that service. If that is my future, I would rather keep our messy system.

I can always change my insurance company, and therefore my insurance bureaucrats, if necessary; I can not change my government if I don't like the call of a government bureaucrat concerning my treatment.