03 June 2009

Murder. Compare And Contract.

On Sunday, one of the leading abortionists in the US is murdered, allegedly by someone motivated by faith.

A US solider is murdered, and another critically injured, at a Little Rock, Arkansas, recruiting station the next day, also allegedly by someone motivated by faith - but a different faith.

Ethel C. Fenig at American Thinker is wondering why The Messiah was so quick to condemn one of the killings, and not the other.

Perhaps The Episcopal Church (tm) will also consider the two soldiers who were cut down to be "saints" or "martyrs" , and be equally "horrified" by the religious motivations of their attacker. Yeah, right.

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cbullitt said...

You mean there's a double standard?
Some religions are more equal than others?
I'm shocked, shocked Ricky, to find gambling going on here.

BTW, thought I had you in the blogroll--oops. Do now, sorry about that.