09 June 2009

That Life Thing, Intruding Again. (UPDATED)

Blogging was non-existent this weekend as we got my son ready for summer camp and drove up to northeast Alabama (hi, Zana) to deliver him, and drove right back again. The trip was not all monotonous motoring - we took some time to visit Little River Canyon while we were "on the mountain" because, well, you just don't get views like this in the Bayou State:

It was interesting to note that I-59 through Mississippi and Alabama, usually pretty well maintained, was looking pretty shaggy this trip. The medians and shoulders had not been cut in quite a while, and there was litter - something we don't normally see. My wife remarked that it looked like Mississippi and Alabama had adopted Louisiana's road maintenance standards.

Once I get a handle this morning on things work-ish, normal posting will resume. See you then.

UPDATE: Note to the person getting on the Interstate in Tuscaloosa - if you want to own a Prius, knock yourself out. It's a free country. I'll even fight for your right to own one. But please, please, stay in the right lane as you put your petal to the batteries, or the dynamo, or the flywheel, or the rubbing Berber carpet, or whatever it is powers your vehicle. It took you 20 seconds in the left lane to get to 60. So you don't feel all smug with your "yes, but I'm saving the planet" excuse, know that we averaged 24.1 MPG on our trip. In a 300 HP SUV. With 4 people and lots of luggage. And the AC on 'Ice Station Zebra'.


Zana said...

Hi, Clifford! You visited LRC at a beautiful time of the year... we went hiking at Cheaha State Park this past weekend for the first time, and I'm still of the opinion that LRC is prettier. 8-D

Anonymous said...

"Ice Station Zebra"-I love that.