07 March 2011

A Billion Dollars Is a Tradgedy; A Trillion Dollars Is Merely A Statistic.

Think back, dear readers, to the heady days of the 2008 presidential campaign. Remember when candidate Obama and his devotees on the Left / Mainstream Media called W's deficits fiscally irresponsible and unsustainable? Remember how they promised that Obama would put our financial house in order, if we but believed in a whole lot of vague, generic promises of hope and change we can believe in?

Well, here's what that hope and change we can believe in looks like in real terms:

In 2007, Bush's irresponsible and unsustainable deficit for the fiscal year was $244 billion. In a year.

Last month - yes, I said month, President Obama ran up the the deficit $233 billion. Two hundred thirty-three B-I-L-L-I-O-N dollars.

In a month. (And it was the shortest month of the year, too! -ed.)

If you read further in the article, you'll see Obama and his buddies say that they will accept no more than $6 billion in domestic spending cuts next year. A 0.00193% reduction. Yep. That's Hopenchange leadership for you.

We're not only going to hell in a hand basket, Obama is borrowing the hand basket from the Chinese.

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Warren said...

I truly believe Prez O makes these silly budget proposals because he truly believes he can get away with it.......ie, the American people are not yet serious about budget & fiscal discipline.

And this may be the one area where he and I agree......I really don't think a majority of Americans are yet ready to make the hard choices that are needed to save this country as you and I used to know it.