13 March 2011

Remember That Thou Art Dhimmi, And To Dhimmi Thou Shalt Return.

An Episcopal priest in St. Louis is “Giving Up Church for Lent.” In it's place, the Rev. Steve Lawler wants to "deepen his understanding" by practicing...

(you get one guess here, dear readers)

That's right! He wants to practice Islam from now until Easter. Really.

Come to think of it, giving up The Episcopal Church (tm) for Lent is a nifty idea. I think I'll head on over here and "deepen my understanding" of the Anglican Communion of North America from now until Easter. Heck, I may make my penance permanent and not return to the Katie and Bonnie Show. Not like they'd give a damn, nor would I be missed.

Hattip: Christopher Johnson at The MCJ.

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