28 March 2011

The New Civility...

...Louisiana Democrat style:
“I hate Republicans. I hate Republicans,” Fayard said, drawing some nods and voices of approval from the crowd.

“They are cruel and destructive. They eat their young. They don’t think. They don’t allow people to think. They are bullies.”
How nice. How civil. How toning-down-the-rhetoric.

And for the record, Republicans don't eat their young - my kids are still quite healthy and growing, and are well past their pedo-cannibal prime. But Republicans will eat a young lawyer in the governor's race, no matter how much money daddy puts behind her or how many Obama missionaries are brought in.

And Caroline, just to let you know I don't hate you. Hate implies what do matters to me. It doesn't. I ignore you. You are simply not worth hating.

Hattip: The Hayride.

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