22 March 2011


Amity Shales thinks a Harvard education is more about the bragging rights, and really isn't worth it.

I don't know about that (on the whole, I tend to disagree), but what I do know is this - in the early 90's I had an opportunity to attend the GSD, and turned it down when I they told me the five-figure cost for just a year (the time for a master's degree for someone already licensed). Instead, we decided to start a family and move back to Louisiana. I have never regretted the decision to pass up wearing Crimson, nor do I hold any grudge against my colleagues who went on to the GSD.

Instead, I ended up with the greatest kids in the world. And, to me, that's worth all the alumni 'Veritas' afghans and student loans you could ever give me.

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The Grey Man said...

Considering who will be selecting your retirement home, well played, Sir.