19 March 2011

The Episcopal Church (tm) Advances Their Top Priority.

The quest to remake a Christian Church into a sexual identity advocacy group with funny outfits, loads of money and marketable property, takes another step:
In a historic meeting, nearly 200 Episcopal Church General Convention deputies gathered here March 18 to begin a churchwide consultation on same-gender blessings.
And, fellow 'Piskies, if you think they are even pretending to base this twaddle in anything, y'know, Scriptural... from that Bible thingy... think again:
When evaluating materials proposed for blessing same-gender relationships, the SCLM says, they "must above all be consistent with the implicit theology and ecclesiology of the 1979 Book of Common Prayer"
Since when did the Book of Common Prayer become equal to the Bible? Is it now, an Even Newer Testament?

One other thing, dear readers - take a look at the images at the link. The lower image shows three African-American women, implying that this well-intentioned heresy effort has support across diverse groups. But look at the image of the overall gathering - notice anything interesting? Those three African-Americans appear to be the only ones in the crowd of 200. I've seen more racial diversity at Tea Party events.

UPDATE: I actually threw away 5 minutes of my life and went through the high-res image all blown up, and, there do appear to be two more definite, and one maybe, African-American women in the crowd in the background - and one man. But even with that, my 'whiter-than-a-Tea-Party-rally' conclusion seems confirmed.


TLF+ said...

My small congregation is probably more diverse than a national TEC gathering.

And imagine calling your own event "historic." Man, that's some pathology on parade.

Kelso said...

Well I watched part of the show on the live webcast. What I noted was: not a single necktie on any man; the bishop who spoke was in civilian clothes (and he's no clotheshorse, either); as a lot they were as scruffy looking as any college freshman class. They also whined a lot.

SometimesWise said...

what is THIS drivel?
"must above all be consistent with the implicit theology and ecclesiology of the 1979 Book of Common Prayer," including the "assumption that the entire life of the church finds its origin in the baptismal font."
Gee golly folks, I thought the church finds its origin in the CROSS, not the font.

Just Me said...

But you don't understand...

crosses are icky; fonts are pretty

oooh ~ look at the pretty fonts