07 July 2013

Call Me Cynical...

...But I ain't buying it. 'Ging-Giss' John Kerry, our part-time Secretary of State, has taken some heat recently for focusing on his yachting skills while Egypt burns. Now, suddenly, this:
"Teresa Heinz Kerry, leading philanthropist and wife of US Secretary of State John F. Kerry, was at Massachusetts General Hospital tonight after being rushed this afternoon to Nantucket Cottage Hospital, where a hospital spokesman had said she was in critical but stable condition.

Heinz Kerry, 74, was stricken with an unspecified medical condition this afternoon and taken by ambulance to the local hospital, accompanied by her husband, according to Glen Johnson, spokesman for Kerry.

Noah Brown, public information officer for Nantucket Cottage Hospital, verified that Heinz Kerry arrived at the hospital this afternoon, but said he could not disclose the nature of her illness.
Sorry, Dear Readers, but my Massachusetts political cynicism is going off big-time. When we lived up there, every time Ted Kennedy got caught with his hand (or other body parts) in the cookie jar, Mother Rose would have some sort of medical issue and Ted would be seen wheeling her round in a staged photo-op. Distraction, accomplished. I think John's problems will vanish quickly from from the headlines now.

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