19 July 2013

Our Colorblind Senator.

Senator Mary Landrieu (D-DC) on the electorate in Louisiana:
“I think it’s a purple state, it can go Democrat or Republican. I’ve just tried to be independent for Louisiana and I think that’s what’s sustained me over time.”
Purple? Really? We just amended our Constitution with strongest language about the right to keep and bear arms in the nation, something our good Senator talks about but consistently votes against. On things like immigration, the environment, and the the Obama Agenda, Mary is almost always at odds with the wishes of the majority of Louisiana voters.

Independent? If you define "independent" as "Harry Reid's reliable bitch", then yes, Mary is... independent. Mary has only won by slim margins against weak candidates, and in '08 only because of the Obama surge. She will have neither in '14, but she will have a lot of a lot of people who remember her voting against her constituents, and for Obamacare, after Harry Reid made the infamous 'Louisiana Purchase'. The one color Mary Landrieu can always see is green.

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