11 July 2013

Impartial Application Of The Laws Is SOOOOO Yesterday.

I hope like hell this is not true, or is being misinterpreted, or being blown way out of proportion. I pray that it be so.  If not, and the United States Justice Department did indeed work to purposely whip up racial anger and hatred, then I think a line been crossed.

And those in government need to be put back on their side of the line.  By force of Law if possible (and some contemplative jail time), but they need to be restrained.  That is, after all, what the US Constitution is - a giant restraining order on the government taken out by the People.

Obama and his henchmen have decided for themselves which laws to enforce and when they will enforce them; they have used the powers of government to hinder and harass their political opponents; they have spent billions of taxpayer money to enrich their cronies and benefactors; and they have bent, folded, spindled and mutilated the U.S. Constitution.

If this had happened with a Republican President, The Left / Mainstream would screaming for impeachment. And thy would be right, and I would support them.  But given their idol-worship of Obama, what we will hear is hypocritical crickets.  We have heard them many times before in the last five years.

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