19 July 2013

'Ol Smokey. (UPDATED)

You, dear readers, paid $40,000 for this masterpiece to commemorate the job-killing tenure of Obama's recently resigned EPA head, Richard Windsor, sorry, Lisa Jackson.

Look closely, art fans, and help me out here. Is that smoke emanating from her ladyparts creating the rustic mountain stream? Or, is the clear spring water flowing, douche-like, in the other direction? Either way, it really, really creeps me out.

Creeps out my Congressman, Rep. Bill Cassidy, too, and he has introduced the EGO Act to stop such excess. Especially when the productive class in this country is still struggling.

UPDATE: I'm sorry, but I can't help myself.  CAPTION CONTEST!

Why Yes, I Do Smoke After Sex.

Now That's A Yeast infection.

The 2013 National Incontinence Awareness Week Poster was unveiled yesterday...

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