29 July 2013

If You Can't Make It...

...Fake it. It can get you to the top in all sorts of places. Like, President of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, apparently:
Leslie Cohen Berlowitz, who has overseen the 233-year-old Cambridge honorary society for the past 17 years, had been on paid leave from the academy for more than a month after the Globe reported that she falsely claimed a doctorate from New York University and misstated her work history in federal grant applications and other documents over the past decade.
And what does a little resume padding get you? Well, in the world of non-profits, it seems quite a tidy sum. And you don't have to worry about staff morale or customer relations to earn your keep:
Berlowitz also came under fire for regularly berating staffers, micromanaging the academy’s affairs, barring scholars from viewing the academy’s historic archives, and receiving an outsized pay package -- more than $598,000 in fiscal year 2012 alone for an organization with only a few dozen staffers, several times what her peers were paid.

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