16 July 2013

Why I Still Buy Hardcopy Books.

When '1984' becomes, well, '1984', well, something's wrong.

I understand the need to delete this from Amazon's site, but deleting it from your Kindle without your knowledge? What else can they do?

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Tina said...

That event was almost too serendipitous when it happened. I don't believe that Amazon ever effectively laid to rest concerns that they might do that again.

I have a Barnes and Noble Nook. The word is now going around that they will be abandoning the Nook to BetaMaxVille. I never buy books for it, but still I think that will mean that eventually I can't turn it on and read the free ones I have uploaded to it.

After getting rid of my dictionaries and compendiums of quotations, etc., I am now replacing them with hard copies. Because internet dictionaries are really lousy, and quotations cited on the net are wrong as often as not.