15 July 2013

I'll Take 'A Convenient Shooting' For 5,000,000 Votes, Alex.

When is the prosecution of George Zimmerman not about race? When it's all about race.

To be fair, this case was never really about race - or justice, for that matter - but deflection and votes. Race was simply the means to that end. Obama needed to focus his base in 2012 away from his disastrous presidency, and turn out that base in record numbers. What better way than to have a modern day Emmett Till to parade around, with George Zimmerman as a useful Bull Conner? Add to that Obama's working to suppress the opposition (and mostly white) vote, plus the willing and eager help of the Mainstream Media to accomplish both, he was able to pull it off. (OK, a milquetoast Republican candidate didn't help...)

If this was truly about race, then the folks who should be up in arms right now are the Hispanics. Zimmerman is, by today's definition, Hispanic, not white. But Obama needed the Hispanic vote, too. When Zimmerman's ethnic origins came out, his description in The Left / Mainstream Media moved quickly, Orwell-like, from "white" to "white Hispanic". Had you ever heard of the classification of 'white Hispanic' before, dear readers? How about a 'black Hispanic'? Me, either. Since one of his parents was white, they claim, then Zimmerman was "white". By this definition then, Barack Obama is not our first African-American president - but our first 'white African-american' president.

If whipping up racial tension wasn't the goal of Obama and his supporters in The Left / Mainstream Media, then why keep the "white" descriptor in there? Because it maximized black anger and liberal guilt, and it kept this from becoming a black vs. Hispanic thing. Which generated votes for Obama in 2012. And that, dear readers, is the only reason George Zimmerman is a household name today.

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