03 October 2007

My $.02 - Nothing Secedes Like Secession.

File this under "You Gotta Be Kidding".

There are people out there still steamed about being American, and they are holding a meeting. It seems they aren't at all happy with the outcome of Shea's Rebellion, or this little 19th-century difficulty.

The people at this "convention" should thank their lucky stars (and stripes!) they live in the US. You want socialized medicine, multi-culturalism, and gun control, Vermonters? Quebec is just a 30 minute ride from Burlington. It's so multi-cultural you can only speak one language by law. And you nostalgic good 'ol boys who think you look good in grey - do you REALLY want to live in a neo-aristocracy where the vast majority of people - white and black - are dirt poor? No? I didn't think so. (That was the reality in the South in 1861.)

Look, I'm a Southerner; my ancestors were Southern aristocracy on one side, and iconoclastic, independent Vermonters on the other. Some of my ancestors fought (and died) for the South during the Civil War, and others went to jail rather than recognize the State of Vermont (or pay their taxes) when it joined the Union back in 1791. And another set of ancestors helped initiate the West Florida Rebellion and create the Republic of West Florida in 1810. So my family has a rather large and proven rebellious streak. We are a hard-headed (and well armed) bunch known to take our causes very seriously. It's in our genes. So I speak from authority when I say to these "secessionists":

GO HOME. GET A LIFE. You people are depriving your villages of some perfectly good idiots.

My $.02.

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