23 October 2007

"All We Are Sayyyyying, Is The Same As Before...."

You gotta love the Boomers - they've got sticking their head in the sand down to an art form. And whole bunch of 'em got together the other night at the National Cathedral to practice their art, and to let folks know that.... war is bad. (Really?? I had no idea.)

"It was an extraordinary night of prayer and music in the nation's capital when more than 2,500 gathered October 16 for an interfaith celebration at Washington National Cathedral to express their desire for global peace and an end to the continuing war in Iraq."

Apparently, not all wars are bad enough to get David Crosby into a church, just wars that Republicans fight. (I guess he was booked solid during that Bosnia thing.) Chris Johnson over at MCJ has a wonderful analysis of the event.

But the last line from the ENS article quoted above got me wondering: Why just "an end to the continuing war in Iraq?" Is continuing to fight in Afghanistan alright with them?

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