11 October 2007

Can You Say "Steamroller"? I Knew You Could.

Latest poll numbers from the Louisiana Governor's race:

Bobby Jindal (R) - 50%
John Georges (I) - 9%
Walter Boasso (D) - 9%
Foster Campbell (D) - 7%
Other - 3%

When the appointed Democratic front-runner in Louisiana is still in single digits less than two weeks before the election, and tied with an independent, I think we are looking at a political shift of Biblical proportions here in the Bayou State. Jindal is even polling well among black voters. And also among the more conservative evangelical voters in north Louisiana, who the Democrats have tried to scare away from Jindal because of his ethnicity and religion. It worked four years ago for Kathleen Blanco, but it has backfired horribly this time. Jindal's "Second Chance" campaign seems to be very effective, reminding voters that we wouldn't be in the mess we're in the first place if things had been different four years ago (an almost universal sentiment), and that they have a "second chance" to make things right.

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