11 October 2007

Finally. Something To Do At The Mall.

First Cabela's, now this: An Apple Store will be opening soon in Baton Rouge.

"MacNN meanwhile has obtained information that a store is being built at the Mall of Louisiana, found in Baton Rouge. The shop will not actually be built within the mall, but rather in an outside development as a free-standing structure. It should occupy 4,919 square feet, and feature stainless-steel wall panels in its sales area."

As an iPhone owning, dedicated Apple user since 1988, it's wonderful news. But there is more here, I think, than just making some local Mac-hacks happy. Apple Stores usually appear in tech-savvy, growth markets, like Austin, Houston, Atlanta. Notice where it didn't go. Brinkley's Houston / Galveston analogy may be a more accurate predictor of the future than we think.

Hattip (again): Baton Rouge Business Report.

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