20 October 2007

A LIVEblog Two-fer!!

With so much going on tonight, the crack staff of Red Stick Rant will attampt to liveblog BOTH today's election results and Game Six of the ALCS. (I figure most folks will already be watching the LSU-Auburn game...) Posts will be quick, so pardon the typos and syntax errors.

And away we go....

7:55 ALCS: Bottom of the first, and Drew just hit a Grand Slam HR! Bos 4, Cle 0.

8:17 ELECTION: WAFB-BR at 1%: Atty General - Alexander, Caldwell, and then.... Foti. Governor is Jindal at 55%, with Boasso and Campbell at 14% each, and Georges at 9%. Hope it stays this way.

8:20 ALCS: Cleveland scored one top of the second, Sox stranded two in the bottom. BOS 4, CLE 1. Third inning starting.

8:27 ALCS: Two Cleveland base hits, and two on....

8:31 ELECTION: WAFB and WBRZ both still showing 1% reporting. Check back in a minute.

8:34 ALCS: Cleveland goes nowhere. Bottom of the third coming up.

8:43 ALCS: Drew up again, with two on, no outs.... Base Hit! Manny comes home! BOS 5, CLE 1. From the yelling in the in the other room, seems the Tigers just scored, too!!

8:48: ELECTION: Sec. State's office has 135 of 3,967 precincts reporting - Jindal still up at 58%, with Boasso 17%, Campbell 13%, and then Georges 11%. Don't know where in the state these numbers are coming from.

8:50 ALCS: Elsbury, 1 RBI!! Lugo doubled, two more in!!!! BOS 8, CLE 1.

8:58 ELECTION: 344 precincts in to the Sec. State. Governor: Jindal, 54%, Boasso 18%, Campbell 14%, Georges 12%. Lt Gov. Mitch 50%, Kershaw 38%, Beard, 10%. AG's race is all tied up at 33% each - Alexander slightly ahead.

8:59 ALCS: Two more for Boston! 10-1 now.

9:02 ELECTION: 440 in at the Sec. State. Jindal still above 50%, but not by much. Boasso is a real surprise - 18% right now. Georges? 12%.

9:06 ALCS. 3rd inning is over. Thankfully for Cleveland.

9:10 ELECTION: WAFB-BR is saying Jindal at 35%, but Sec. State office has him at 53%. Sec. State's website has slowed to a crawl.

9:15 ALCS: Top of the 4th - no result for Clevelend. Bottom of the 4th coming up.

9:25 ELECTION: Sec. State has 1,378 precincts in. Jindal 52%, Boasso 19%, Campbell 14%, Georges 13%. LT. Gov: Landrieu 50%, Kershaw 37%. Att. Gen: pretty evenly split, with Alexander trailing slightly.

9:26 ALCS: 4th inning over. Still 10-1, Boston. 5th starting. Shilling still in for the Sox.

9:33 ELECTION: 1,670 precincts showing at the Sec. State's office. Jindal sliding to 51%, Boasso still in second at 19%. Walter Boasso seems to be the real surprise tonight, and Georges the real disappointment. But there is more than 50% to come.

9:37 ELECTION: WBRZ is saying that most of the reported precincts are from north Louisiana, which would explain Campbell's numbers - but not Boasso's. They are saying that New Orleans has not reported in, so much of Jindal's and Georges' (and Boasso's?) base has not been counted.

9:39 ELECTION: 1,840 precincts reporting in, and numbers are about the same.

9:42 ALCS: Top of the 6th. Shilling still in. Just struck out his fourth of the night.

9:46 ALCS: Shilling just got his 5th strike-out. Sox at bat.

9:47 ELECTION: Sec. State's website is pretty much locked up. Switching to TV......

9:52 ALCS: Lowell doubles off the Green Monster. 2 outs right now.

9:55 ALCS Nope. Lowell stranded. On to the 7th.

9:58 ELECTION: 2,626 precincts in. Jindal creeping up - 53%. Boasso at 18%. Georges now in third, with 14%, and Campbell at 13%. Looks like the New Orleans area is coming in. Landrieu is now at 56%; Kershaw is sliding, at 32%. In the AG's race, Caldwell is up, but it's still pretty evenly split. Bob Odom is looking like he's in a runoff with Mike Strain.

10:00 ALCS: Cleveland scores on a sac-fly - 10-2 now, Boston leads.

10:02 ELECTION: WAFB-BR is reporting that Jindal has only 47%, but they're saying that there is a "computer error." Hmmm.

10:09 ELECTION WAFB-BR is not showing Jindal at 53%, and Boasso at 18%. Whew. More in line with what we've seen with the Sec. State's numbers.

10:12 ELECTION: WBRZ-BR is showing Landrieu at 56%, and Kershaw at 37%, with 77% reporting. Looks like that one is over.

10:16 ELECTION: Boasso speaking at this campaign headquarters now. Just wanted to say "hello" to supporters. Says it isn't over yet.

10:16 ALCS: 7th inning over. Top of the 8th - nothing for the Indians.

10:19 ELECTION: Finally. Update from the Sec. State's office. 3,214 precincts reporting - same precentages as before in the Governor's race, but now with 81% of the vote in. Landrieu seems to be re-elected. AG's race too close to call - but Caldwell is currently leading. Sec. Agriculture race seems to be Odom and Strain seem to be headed for a runoff.

10:23 ALCS: Ortiz doubles off the Green Monster. Manny up next......

10:25 ALCS: Manny had a sac-fly. Another Sox run in. 11-2, Boston.

10:27 ALCS: Lowell has RBI single. Another one in for the Sox. Drew singles just after.

10:30 ALCS: Sox strand loaded bases. Into the 9th. 12-2, Boston. Indians better explode here, or it's Game 7.

10:34 ELECTION: 3,428 of 3,967 precincts reporting at the Sec. States website. Precentages still the same. Jindal still at 53%. This could be historic, folks.

10:37 ALCS: We are one out from Game 7.

10:38 ALCS: Game 7 is on. 12-2, Red Sox. Tomorrow night is it!

10:42 ELECTION: 3,529 of 3,967 precincts reporting. Jindals lead still at 53%. Boston and Bobby look like winners tonight. The amazing thing is the poor showing of John Georges. I guess Ray Nagin hasn't got the coat-tails Georges, or Nagin, thought.

10:45 ELECTION: Foster Campbell concedes. Jindal is about to speak....

10:48 ELECTION: WAFB-BR is projecting Jindal winning outright. Bob Odom is in a runoff for the first time since 1979.

10:55 ELECTION: Still waiting......

10:57 ELECTION: Walter Boasso now speaking. Concedes. No word from Georges....

11:00 ELECTION: Bobby Jindal is at the podium. Claims victory. Thanks challengers, thanks wife, thanks parents. Still speaking, mostly boilerplate. New day for Louisiana. New image for the state. Will tackle corruption. Lots of talk of change.

11:08 ELECTION: Looking over the crowd on TV it is amazing the ethnic and racial diversity in the room. I hope the national Republican Party is taking note. If he can pull this off, you may be looking at the GOP presidential nominee in 2012 or 2016.

11:12 ELECTION: 3,803 of 3,967 precincts reporting. Stick a fork in it - it's done. The Republican realignment in Louisiana is here. We are truly a Red State. The Democratic candidates for Governor got only 31%. Huey Long is whirling in his grave(and Edwin Edwards in his cell...).

11:35 ROUNDUP: Jindal wins in the first primary. Georges has not conceded that I know of. Very bush league, John. Ray Nagin, who backed Georges, clearly doesn't have the stroke everyone thought. Bye, bye, Ray. Mitch Landreiu (D) wins in the first primary, too. Jay Dardenne (R) easily wins the Secretary of State's office. The Attorney General's race is the only one too close to call - Caldwell leads, with Foti second and Alexander a close third. The vote difference between Foti and Alexander is less than 4,000 as of now. Jim Donelon (R) was reelected as Insurance Commissioner, but there will be a runoff between Bob Odom and Mike Strain for the Commissioner of Agriculture.

11:36 LSU-AUBURN: LSU 30, Auburn 24. LSU, Sox, Jindal - lots of victirues tonight!!

11:40 ELECTION: Foti, the incumbent, has just dropped down to 3rd place in the AG race. If this holds, he will be out. (UPDATE: It has held. Foti is out.)

11:47 ELECTION: Quick and dirty review: of the 31 Senate seats in play, The Republicans seem to have taken 8, and are in runoffs in 4 more.

12:00 ELECTION: Quick and dirty review: of the 78 House seats in play, The Republicans seem to have taken 17, and are in runoffs in 28 more. Seven of those runoff seats both run-off candidates are GOP, so those can be counted in addition to the 17. It wasn't the sweep some predicted, alas.

12:02 COMMENTARY: I'm done. Great time, but I'll see you tomorrow. Hope this helped.

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